psy12108 - Psychology 264 Leadership December 1 2008 Chain...

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Psychology 264 Leadership December 1, 2008 Chain Saw Dunlap e Are the decisions he makes right? s He doesn’t care about the press or the poles; he’s going to the core of the problem. His time in the spotlight was short lived; it then took a down term. 'He's a short-term fixer. s Is he a leader? s If so what style? s Attitude- self in age Leadership takes many terms and has various Leaders have to understand strengths and weakness- what am I good? at play your strengths but recognize your weakness. Leader member exchange theory Based on the nature of the relationship between the leaders in-group members, leader DO NOT treat all subordinates the same. s In group vs. the out group s Leaders differentiate " between the subordinates. That they manage skill, expertise, experience, compensate, liability, trust, setting, our additional work, s We tend to favor those who in group and reward them s Out group don’t go above and beyond, don’t get favors or recognition from the boss, end up doing the more s Leader may like group b/c of similar features and personality. It may be that people in the in-group may be poor performers and the out-group is a great performer. Areas impacted whether in or out group e Morale s Turnover s Attitude s Job satisfaction s Commitment s Productivity Blake theory-concern for people or production never get away from those theories it’s a plague
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psy12108 - Psychology 264 Leadership December 1 2008 Chain...

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