bibliography - Bibliography Fisher Lillian Estelle'The...

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Bibliography Fisher, Lillian Estelle. 'The Influence of the Present Mexican Revolution Upon the Status of Women', Hispanic American Historical Review, V:XXIII:1: 211-28. Hancock, Joel, 1983. 'Elena Poniatowska's Hasta no verte Jesús mío: The Remaking of the Image of Woman', Hispania, 86:3: 353-59. Lamadrid, E. R. "El corrido de Tomochic": honor, grace, gender, and power in the first ballad of the Mexican Revolution. Journal of the Southwest v. 41 no. 4 (Winter 1999) p. 441-60 In societies like Mexico where the religious and the political are so interpenetrated, prophecy and devotion are not so much an evasion of worldly conflict as they are a guide for social action and a search for solutions (Barabas 1989: 33). In relation to Hasta no verte Jesús mío , the role of a women during the Mexican Revolution. Linhard, Tabea Alexa. Fearless women in the Mexican Revolution and the Spanish Civil War Columbia, Mo: University of Missouri Press, c2005 Mastretta, Ángeles. Arráncame la vida . Azcapotzalco, México : Ediciones Océano, c1986.
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bibliography - Bibliography Fisher Lillian Estelle'The...

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