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Paper Outline: Case: Woman of different social economic status rebel for different reasons. I. Introduction: Thesis: How the social economic status of Mexican woman during and after the Mexican revolution, influence women to rebel against their traditional gender roles II. Body: Topics: Define what is rebellion in both stories. Discuss what are the traditional roles expected for women during the time period III. Introduce Catalina and the main character Jesusa and how they both come
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Unformatted text preview: from different economic status support it using references to the books. IV.Utilize Arrancame la vida to display the emotional rebellion that Catalina faces V. Utilize Hasta no verted Jesus mio to show how Jesusa rebels as a means for survival VI.Look into how both women both rich and poor are alike in the sense as to. Is being physically abused greater than being emotionally abused. VII. Conclusion...
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