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20090921_163214_001 - Biology 101b—~Midterm 1——Spring...

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Unformatted text preview: Biology 101b—~Midterm 1——Spring 2008 Name MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) Which of the following is the most common compound in the cell walls of gram-positive bacteria? A) lipopolysaccharide ' B) 1i gnin CC) peptidoglycan D) cellulose 2) Which of the following is the correct sequence of these events in the origin of life? ,- I. Formation of protobionts C 11. Synthesis of organic monomers i Ill. Synthesis of organic polymers @7131 HI, I A B) I, III, II C) I, II, III D) III, II, I E) Ill, L ll 3) Some species of Anopheles mosquito live in brackish water, some in running fresh water, and others in stagnant water. What type of reproductive barrier is most obviously separating these different species? A) temporal isolation c» C’Bj):h\abitat isolation C) postzygotic isolation V? D) gametic isolation E) behavioral isolation 4) The ancestors of which free—living cells were the earliest autonvophs‘to contribute to the formation of Earth's oxidizing atmosphere? A) seaweeds @cyanobactetia C) chloroplasts D) mitochondria E) endosymbioms 3< W) 5) A biologist discovers a new unicellullar . organism that possesses more than two flagella and two small, but equal—sized, nucla'. The organism has reduced mitochondria and no chloroplasts. How would you classify this organism? A) prokaryote C:CTdiplomonad 6) The Darwinian fitness of an individual is measured by L, reproduce. B) its physical strength. C) the number of supergenes in the genotype. D) the numbm of mates it attracts. E) how long it lives. 7) At which stage would one be able to first distinguish ardiploblastic embryo from a triploblast-ic embryo? A) fertilization C) organogenesis 8) ‘Which of the following pairs are homologous? @Xfl wing and human hand (a V V 1' L -7 (ifilgmafion D) cleavage or B) foraminiferan D) oomycete B) owl wing and hornet wing C) bat forelimb and bird wing (_/ E) porcupine quill and cactus spine 9) If the frequency of a particular allele that‘is present in a small, isolated population of alpine plants should decrease due to a landslide that 4A)the number of its offspring that survive to ,. D:)rAustralian mole and North American mole leaves an even smaller remnant of surviving plants, then What has occurred? A) genetic drift ,. B) abottleneck ‘ 1 C) microevolutioh (:- DT-Aand B only E) A, B, and C A « 2/ f ...
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