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58 contexts fall 2006 Contexts, Vol. 5, Issue 4, pp. 58-59, ISSN 1536-5042, electronic ISSN 1537-6052. © 2006 by the American Sociological Association. All rights reserved. Please direct all requests for permission to photocopy or reproduce article content through the University of California Press's Rights and Permissions website, at filming white, middle-class girls gone crazy! field note vicki mayer T he disc jockey first announced the camera crew’s arrival with a concert promoter’s flair: “Let’s give it up for Girls Gone Crazy !” A wave of screams and a few random boos ensued. Quickly and steadily, the fans flocked to the back of the bar, where three of the crewmembers, all men in referee outfits, coolly stood by. Fraternity brothers shouted in their faces, “You have the best job, man!” Women who approached the crew, eager to purchase pink trucker hats with the company’s logo, were rebuffed. “You have to earn it,” a tousled blonde cameraman teased them. This was an invitation to flash their breasts on tape for hats. Most of the women left on that note, huffing, “No way,” or “You have got to be kidding,” but a few did not. Two tipsy females grinned as they offered to kiss each other for caps. The cameraman, Sunny, acquiesced with a begrudg- ing yet flirtatious sigh, “OK. But you have to do it to the count of ten.” As the video spotlight opened on the pair and the count- ing began, the crowd grew and the cheers grew louder. Embracing but angled toward the camera, the women French kissed with wide open mouths and visible tongues. By the time Sunny got to ten, the room exploded in applause. Afterwards, it seemed like a fair exchange. The pleased women donned their prizes, and the crew now had choice footage for a “Mardi Gras 2005” videotape. Except, in this case, Sunny had never turned the camera on. Knowing my motives for being there, he explained to me, “This is for them,” pointing to the row of applauding college men. “We’re recruiting. Someone here will see us doing this and want to join.” A soft-core reality videographer, Sunny was one of the legions of men who descended on New Orleans every year, regardless of hurricanes, to record women doing sexy things in public places. Contract cameramen fanned throughout the city’s nightclubs and infamous French Quarter streets in search of women, preferably young and nubile, who would flash their breasts and butts, and kiss their girlfriends in
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mayer-whitegirlsgonecrazy - field note vicki mayer filming...

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