Fall 2007 SciofFood Exam K 2 answers

Fall 2007 SciofFood Exam K 2 answers - NAME SPECIAL CODE K...

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NAME_______________________ SPECIAL CODE K = 2 This exam has four pages. SCIENCE OF FOOD KNOWLEDGE ACQUISITION SURVEY, #1 FALL 2007 Instructions: 1. Chill out and know what you know. 2. On the answer sheet fill in your name, full RUID number, and special code “K”. 3. Please record answers on this sheet and the answer sheet. 4. Hand both the exam and the answer sheet to a proctor and show them a photo ID. Do not leave until these have been checked. 5. Read the questions carefully, there is only one best answer to each question. 6. If you do not understand the question, please ask for clarification. 1. A healthy diet should contain how many of its calories from fat? a. less than 20% b. 20-30% c. more than 50% d. 63.725% 6. The functionality of fats an a. the ratio of oxygen to carb molecule b. the amount of antioxidant c. the extent to which their unsaturated d. methylation of carboxylic 2. Which of these has the greatest number of uses in foods?
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a . water b. carbohydrates c. lipids d. protein 7. Which food component con a. water b . carbohydrates c . lipids d. proteins 3. Olestera®” and “Splenda®” are both: a. made from soylant green b. artificial sweeteners c. made from sucrose d. laxatives e . naturally occurring compounds isolated from the Ole tree and the plenda bush, respectively 8. The many functions of prot a . genetic engineering b . their size and shape c. the many different types amino acids d. their ability to interact with 4. Dr. Montville’s attempts to bring humor into the lectures are 1 : a. amusing b . a brilliant example of a failed teaching technique c. saturated d. dangerous e. something that should be reported to the Dean f. pathetic 1 There is only one correct answer to this question on Dr. Montville’s answer sheet. : - ) 9. A “Calorie” is a . a scientific unit of mass b. a specific amount of ene c . a cookie made from callon d . a gram of water e. none of the above f. none of the below 5. Why is “dry ice” dry?
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Fall 2007 SciofFood Exam K 2 answers - NAME SPECIAL CODE K...

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