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Fall 2007 ANSWERS SciofFood Exam Final K 1

Fall 2007 ANSWERS SciofFood Exam Final K 1 - NAME SPECIAL...

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NAME_______________________ SPECIAL CODE K = 1 This exam has four pages. SCIENCE OF FOOD KNOWLEDGE ACQUISITION SURVEY, #1 FALL 2007 Instructions: 1. Chill out and know what you know. 2. On the answer sheet fill in your name, full RUID number, and special code “K”. 3. Please record answers on this sheet and the answer sheet. 4. Hand both the exam and the answer sheet to a proctor and show them a photo ID. Do not leave until these have been checked. 5. Read the questions carefully, there is only one best answer to each question. 6. If you do not understand the question, please ask for clarification. 1. An athlete is overheated from extreme heat on a hot day. The best way to cool her off is: a . move her to an air conditioned room b. poor cold water over her c . have her drink lots of water d . have her cycle faster to increase cooling from the air 5. The key to the long shelf-life of parmesan cheese is: a. addition of food additives b. use of heat to “sterilize” it c . water removal d. genetic engineering e. glued onto the bottom of the container
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2. In the supermarket, you see a package stating that the product contains “no trans fats.” You know this is important because: a. Trans fats are made by a process which is not “natural.” b . No safe level for the ingestion of trans fats has been established. c. Dr. Montville said so. d. all of the above 6. Although sucrose and aspartame have the same number of calories per ounce, aspartame is used as a sugar substitute to reduce weight gain. Why? a . Sucrose is “natural” whereas aspartame is not. b . The body cannot metabolize aspartame. c. Aspartame is so much sweeter that less of it is used. 3. The purpose of “guess the expiration date” was to foods’ value/pound 7. The food we eat a. is full of deadly toxic chemicals added by the food industry b. is of poorer quality and more expensive than it used to be c . has contributed to the doubling of the American life span over 40 years d. none of the above e. all of the above 4. Which is not an integral part of food science? a . engineering b . biology c. nutrition d. chemistry
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