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Lauryn Soorani Essay #1 Spring 2009 Writ 140/Rel 140 Lindsay Nelson Religion Within Political and Educational Spheres While religion often provide individuals with a strong sense of moral structure on which to base their lives, it should not play a role in the public spheres of politics and education as it often results in the imposition of religious teachings on a general populous, not all of whom hold the same religious beliefs and ideals. The American government is continuously plagued with problems arising from government officials finding it appropriate to use biblical law as a basis for sate and national law. Within the world of public education, teachers in predominantly evangelical areas do a lack luster job when it comes to the teaching of evolution and natural selection, and in some cases attempt to avoid it entirely. The separation of church and state was put in place to prevent public institutions from infringing upon the right to a person’s liberty of conscience. By negating this policy citizens are alienated through laws that are passed and generations of public school children are bred prone to intolerance towards science and religions different than their own. Within the American government, it is crucial that religious views remain separate from any and all political processes. However, while the first amendment of the United States constitution dictates a separation of church and state, many politicians have proven themselves incapable of doing so, in turn pushing their personal religious agendas on
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issues such as gay marriage and abortion. Recently passed, Proposition 8 of the 2008 California statewide election has been seen as a major victory for religious conservatives. The passing of Proposition 8 established a new amendment within California’s state constitution stating that, “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.” The prevalent reasoning behind proposition 8 is that the Bible defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman and thus, allowing same sex couples to marry would destroy the sanctity of marriage. While it is respectable for every individual to hold their own opinion, one must question the fairness in creating a statewide law based upon the views of select groups. By allowing proposition 8 to pass, the United States has officially recognized gay and lesbian couples as not entitled to the same freedoms and rights as traditional couples. Just as individuals should and are
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gov - Lauryn Soorani Essay #1 Spring 2009 Writ 140/Rel 140...

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