evolutionVS.creationism(2) - Lauryn Soorani Spring 2009...

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Lauryn Soorani Spring 2009 Lindsay Nelson, Writing 140 Assignment 5 Uncertain Certainty As a species, humans crave knowledge and understanding. Along with this thirst for knowledge, comes the thirst for certainty; for if one wishes to boast about a new acquisition of knowledge, one must first be certain that it is true. While the seemingly never ending development within the scientific, social, political, and various other spheres of the modern world may be attributed to this human tendency to always want to know more , it is not without its faults. As a result of individuals fervently pressing for certainty on issues that do not allow for it, the quality of public reasoning leaves something to be desired. This need for certainty about uncertain issues manifests itself in two common ways. As exemplified by the ongoing debate between creationism and evolution, individuals often treat issues (i.e. creationism) lacking in any empirical evidence as certain and factual, in turn insisting that everyone treat said issue in the same way. The second manifestation occurs surrounding complex ethical issues such as abortion, euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide. People insist on being so sure that each issue is “right or wrong” and entirely ignore the fact that these issues are by no means black and white. In turn, rather than reasoning and communication with one another, so desperate to prove their point correct, individuals are pitted against one another in a shouting match and never hear their opponent’s argument.
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evolutionVS.creationism(2) - Lauryn Soorani Spring 2009...

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