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I Get Really Pumped Up Anonymous  USC Student (We are sitting in a classroom flooded with fluorescent light. He is sitting next to me, foot in a brace—stress fracture from running he said. He has a friendly demeanor. He’s tall, athletic build, blonde hair. I don’t catch his name.) I grew up in Riverside—one hour East of LA Came here two years ago to start college. Riverside is a pretty suburban town, well, I shouldn’t call it a town. There’s a quarter million people. It’s a legit city. LA…so much more is happening In Riverside they are trying to promote growth where as LA they can barley contain it. Los Angeles is better for sure. I love being able to go to the beach, or LA Live, or even drive around downtown. You see what the city used to look like and how lively it is. Sometimes I go home and whenever I see the sky scrapers from the freeway I get really pumped up and excited to start a new semester. There is just so much to do here. You can never be bored
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Unformatted text preview: and there is always something meaningful to be found. Here at USC, this is my favorite place. It’s where my life and community is, there’s a lot that I like. Everything is built on such a grand scale. I have several places—there are a lot that just throw me in there like Manhattan beach. I like to run on the beach and play beach volleyball. I like to stand next to the coliseum and think about how big it is and how much work went into it and I’m in the middle. Biggest problem in LA Perez Hilton. And Kaney West is up there too, I think a couple people cause problems. I was in downtown and this homeless guy was bugging me for money being very persistent, asking for my car and throwing his beer. It’s things like this that tear people apart. Traffic is the biggest quality of life issue. LA is a car culture— work needs to go into it....
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