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Sterling Robertson Assistant Film Editor (He is an upbeat man in his late 20’s, tall, brown hair, wearing jeans and a t-shirt. He exudes confidence. We are sitting inside of a small Mexican restaurant in Venice. He is drinking a margarita.) I’m from Los Angeles, the west side. I lived four years in Lake Tahoe and I lived uh in Santa Barbra for college so uh, California. A little bit north, a little bit south. My favorite is where I live right now Venice beach. Um, I like the eclectic community I’ve never lived in a place that had a mix of artists, freaks, um… free spirited people, uh, and there’s also a lot uh, of successful people. There’s communities that are freaky and wild but they don’t have the taste of success that Venice has so it’s kind of a neat combination. And it’s also got a lot of history. Venice I think is also the true source of California culture; surf, skate, California life style. I think that all grew out of Venice. And it has a worldwide influence, people know Venice beach all over the world practically. Uh, not that that’s necessarily important but it just shows the influence that Venice has. It’s totally different from a place like Tahoe and Santa Barbra. Um, Tahoe is more different than Santa Barbra. I think geographically it’s a mountain town. But, um, Lake Tahoe doesn’t have any…uh, art communities, it doesn’t have, um, uh…it doesn’t have a real variety… people who live in Tahoe aren’t interested in influencing the world. People sort of go to Tahoe to get away from everything, where as people who live in Venice I think want to… they want to have influ— they want to express. I think the biggest difference is that people in Lake Tahoe aren’t as interested in expressing themselves, and I think people in Venice are. I think it just makes it more interesting to be around people that, um, for whatever selfish reasons, they want to share a little bit of themselves. Venice is also really different from Santa Barbra because in a similar way—Santa Barbra is much more wealthy than Lake Tahoe for example so it’s closer to Venice in that sense, but Santa Barbra is very conservative and um it… is more homogonous. Like even just the architecture in Santa Barbra—they kind of have a rule where all the buildings have to have that Spanish look—stucco and tile and I think it’s just little things like that. Like Venice looks like a, a forest—a mushroom field.
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Sterling Interview - LikeA, SterlingRobertson Assistant...

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