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Clicker Questions 2009 Crises of the Planet For Midterm 1 1. Heating of the inner portions of Earth result from fusion of hydrogen atoms. FALSE 2. Planet Earth had no atmosphere at the time of its formation. TRUE 3. A rock sample from Saturn, if brought back to Earth, would be much heavier than any common Earth rock. FALSE 4. The universe is expanding today. TRUE 5. The Solar System is expanding today. FALSE 6. The early Earth's atmosphere is mostly made of a. oxygen, carbon, and water b. carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and water c. nitrogen and oxygen d. helium 7. Most of the craters on the Earth's moon a. date back to 4.0 or more billion years ago. b. formed in the last 100 million years. c. are made of a substance similar to Swiss cheese. d. formed from volcanic eruptions. 8. Relative to the age of the Earth, the fraction of time that humans have existed is
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a. 1.50 %. b. 25 %. c. 12%. d. 1 %. e. 0.04 % 9. The radioactive fuel of Earth is a. H b. U, Th, and K c. coal, petroleum, and natural gas d. Fe and Ni e. none of the above 10. Early heating of the Earth a. formed the core and mantle b. melted iron and some nickel c. led to the formation of the magnetic field d. occurred soon after planetary formation e. all of the above 11. Early life on Earth a. began in the oceans. b. dates back to at least 3.8 billion years. c. was of one-celled bacteria and algae. d. thrived near sea floor plate boundaries. e.
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ClickerANSWERS - Clicker Questions 2009 Crises of the...

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