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Chemistry 14CL COURSE INFORMATION Fall 2009 Instructor: Dr. Maher M. Henary Email: [email protected] Lecture: Thursday 8:00 – 8:50 am in CS 50 Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 10 -11 am in 1336 YH Laboratory Room(s): Required Text(s): (1) Chemistry Experiments for Life Science Majors , A.A. Russell (2) Techniques in Organic Chemistry, 1 st ed., Mohrig, Hammond, Schatz & Morrill, W.H. Freeman & Company (from Chem. 14BL) (3) Laboratory Notebook with duplicate pages (from Chem. 14BL) Recommended Text(s): (1) Peter Atkins and Loretta Jones, Chemical Principles – The Quest from Insight (2 nd ed) (or any other equivalent general chemistry text) (2) W. H. Brown, organic Chemistry (1 st ed) (or any other similar text) Virtual Office Hours: Chem. 14CL will use the Department of Chemistry's virtual office hour function on the Internet. You may submit questions and receive answers electronically . The address is http:/www.chem.ucla.edu.uclavoh/ Lecture Schedule: Topics September 24 Welcome & Polyprotic acids / amino acids titration October 01 Amino acids (continue) October 08 Extraction & Aldol Synthesis & Mass Spectroscopy October 15 Mass Spectroscopy & IR Spectroscopy & Uv-vis Spectroscopy October 22 Midterm in class (IN CLASS)* October 29 Electrochemistry November 05 Distillation & GC November 12 Chromatography / TLC & Beer’s Law November 19 Beer’s Law & 13 C NMR November 26 No Lecture December 03 Review for Final December 8 FINAL EXAM ( Cover ALL Topics in 14CL) *† * NO MAKE UP EXAM; any missing exam will count as ZERO . *† NO REGRADE FOR FINAL EXAM. Lab Preparation: To complete the laboratory work on time you must prepare for the period's assignment before your laboratory section meets if you wish to complete the experiment in the time allotted. The course is impacted;
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This note was uploaded on 10/01/2009 for the course CHEM 142119201 taught by Professor Henary during the Fall '09 term at UCLA.

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14CLcourseinfoFall093 - C h e m is tr y 1 4 C L In str u c...

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