biopharm-seltek - Pre-negotiation Plan Name_Stefanie Erwin...

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Pre-negotiation Plan Name: _Stefanie Erwin ______________ Date September 23, 2009___________ Case: The Biopharm-Seltek Negotiation____________________________________ Who are the participants in the negotiation? The participants in the negotiation are me, Chief Financial Officer of Seltek and the CFO of BioPharm. I am the seller which makes Seltek the buyer. What is the situation? My company is in a desperate situation. The amount of petroleum products that we produce have narrowed down to one and we are barely breaking even. We need to sell our current plant as soon as possible so we can concentrate on making conventional pharmaceuticals. What is the reason for the negotiation? We are negotiating in order to reach a price that will be favorable to both parties. We are each trying to come to an agreement on a price that seems acceptable to us. What are the issues for you in this situation? With my current situation of only breaking even, I am concerned with selling this plant as soon as possible. However I am faced with several issues. First, I need to evaluate the worth of
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biopharm-seltek - Pre-negotiation Plan Name_Stefanie Erwin...

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