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Distribution Quiz Directions: For each scenario, state which distribution is being described and give the value(s) of each parameter defined by the distribution. That is, for each scenario, write a sentence like: “The random variable X has a _____ distribution and its parameters are_______.” Note, every distribution is used at least once and no distribution is used more than twice. Good luck! 1. Jim failed his math exam. So to prepare for the final exam, he decides he wants to find a tutor who passed the math exam in the past. The probability of a student passing the math exam was 1/3. He asks every student he encounters if they have passed the math exam until he finds the first student who has passed the exam. Let X denote the number of students he asks until he encounters the first student who passed the exam. 2. Erica wants to make 5 batches of rice crispy treats for her Lifetime girls night but realizes that she has no marshmallows. Knowing her ten neighbors well, she determines that the probability of a
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