LAB3 - STA511 Lab#3 The third Lab should serve to reinforce...

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Lab #3 The third Lab should serve to reinforce the ideas of tonight's lecture and to introduce you to using the SAS Online Help Documentation and/or computer manuals to learn some of the basic PROCS that SAS has to offer. REMEMBER TO SAVE AND PROPERLY DOCUMENT YOUR SAS PROGRAM. YOU MAY NEED TO USE THESE DATA AGAIN IN THE FUTURE. The objective of this lab is to give you experience maneuvering around the online documentation. As usual, I encourage you to ask questions and work together to understand how to accomplish the assigned tasks. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Copy the dataset CEREAL.SAS7BDAT from the class web page onto a diskette or onto your PC if you have not already done so. DESCRIPTION of the DATA: This dataset contains a nutritional analysis of the most popular brands of cereal. There are 5 character variables: NAME - the name of the cereal TYPE - Hot [H] or Cold [C]. LOWCAL - "YES" if considered a low calorie cereal, "NO" otherwise. LOWFAT - "YES" if considered a low fat cereal, "NO" otherwise. LOWSOD - "YES" if considered a low sodium cereal, "NO" otherwise. All of the other variables are numeric and describe the nutritional content of each cereal. Task #1 : Create a libref that can be used to direct SAS programs to use the CEREAL dataset. For example, if I wanted to use the copy of the dataset that rests under the course directory on my personal laptop, I would use the following command: LIBNAME IN01 ‘C:\STA511\DATA’ Of course, you should direct your libname to the location where you have saved the dataset (on a diskette or thumb drive). Task #2 : Use PROC CONTENTS to familiarize yourself with the dataset. Specifically, see if you can answer the following questions: When was the dataset created? How many observations are found on the dataset? How many variables are found on the dataset? Take a moment and study the list of variables. Which variables are character variables? Which are numeric variables? Later in the course, we will discuss how to assign labels to variables.
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LAB3 - STA511 Lab#3 The third Lab should serve to reinforce...

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