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LAB1 - 1STA 511 Lab#1 This first lab(combined with the...

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1STA 511 Lab #1 This first lab (combined with the first homework) should serve to continue to increase your comfort level with some basic features of the SAS System. By the end of the lab you should be able to : 1) Successfully get into & out of the SAS system (saving any work you need to a diskette or in a suitable location that you can access on the network) 2) Use the PROGRAM EDITOR to enter some simple SAS code for entering raw data into a temporary SAS dataset as well as performing some basic descriptive statistics on the dataset. 3) Practice naming variables and data sets. 4) Create from raw data both permanent and temporary SAS files. And, understand the difference between the two. 5) Use a 'libname' statement and understand the idea of SAS data libraries. 6) Submit programs and interpret the output. Completing the following tasks will give you practice in the 3 areas mentioned above. Task #1 : Please enter the SAS system. You should see several windows. In the window labeled ‘EDITOR’ please type in the following SAS code : Your code should look like : DATA WT_LOSS; INPUT IDNO FNAME $ LNAME $ TEAM $ STARTWEIGHT ENDWEIGHT; LOSS=STARTWEIGHT- ENDWEIGHT; DATALINES; 1023 David Shaw red 189 165 1049 Amelia Thomas yellow 145 124 1219 Alan Nance red 210 192 1329 Larry Goss yellow 188 174 1356 Mary Smith blue 205 203 ; RUN; Task #2: Before submitting the Program, think about what each line of code is doing. I do not expect that you will understand all of the code yet, but you should be starting to
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get an idea of what certain language and syntax will do.
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