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University of Connecticut BME 4500/6500 HP Set #2 Biomedical Engineering Program ` Due Tuesday, 29 September 2009 2.1. An Analog Devices’ ADXL 105 micromachined accelerometer has an output sensitivity of 250 mV/g, and a full-scale, linear input range of ±7 g. The accelerometer has a bandwidth of 0-12 KHz. It is used on the skin to measure the essential tremor at hand. a) Find the sinusoidal output peak voltage when the sinusoidal tremor frequency is 10 Hz and the hand’s sinusoidal peak displacement is 2 mm. b) The accelerometer’s output voltage is proportional to acceleration, 2 2 dt x d . Describe how you would estimate the tremor displacement of the hand, x(t), from the accelerometer output voltage. 2.2. A sound wave has a sound intensity of 5 2 10 / Watts m - . a) What is the sound intensity level perceived by the listener? Is it secure to listen to this sound without protection? BME 6500: Assume that the air is at 20ºC, the speed of sound will be 343 m/s and the density 1.2 Kg/m
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Unformatted text preview: 3 . Estimate the associated sound peak pressure. 2.3. A sound source in the body emits plane waves and is embedded in “tissue” with a specific acoustic impedance, Rayls cgs Z SA 5 10 5 2 × = . . For air at 25 ºC, the Rayls cgs Z SA 9 40 . = . Calculate the fraction of sound energy transmitted to the air. What happens to the sound wave energy at the skin that is not transmitted to the air? 2.4. The output of an electric capacitor microphone is conditioned by an ideal Op-Amp current-to-voltage converter as shown below. Note that m o F = -I V Y and V ac oc P Qk ε = . a) Give and expression for ( ) m j ω I . b) Find the system’s frequency response function ( ) ( ) o ac j j V P c) Sketch and Dimension the frequency response of the system. Cx IOA Cf Gf Voc Y f Vo Equivalent Circuit of Electrec Microphone Im...
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