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Biological Evolution Quiz #1 1. Legal arguments about the teaching of Creationism or Intelligent Design in public schools in the United States have centered around which two issues? (mark both answers) a. Separation of Church and State b. Inadequate time to cover all possible subjects c. Non-scientific character of Creationism/Intelligent Design, ie. they are non- falsifiable d. Creationism/Intelligent Design do not have a long enough history to form an adequate base for course material 2. Which of these is the best definition for biological evolution? a. Individual organisms change over the course of their lifetime due to the conditions of their environment. b. Extinction causes a change in the ecological balance of biomes. c. Geological processes create new land masses that can be colonized by existing
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Unformatted text preview: species. d. The genetic composition of populations changes over time. 3. The idea that organisms can gain physical traits during their lifespan and then pass them on to their offspring was supported and defended by ________________. a. Charles Darwin b. Carolus Linnaeus c. Gregor Mendel d. Jean-Baptiste Lamarck 4. Natural selection is the idea that not all individuals within a populations contribute equally to the next generation and the traits of the most successful individuals are passed on at higher rates. Who was the individual who proposed this idea as the mechanism for evolutionary change? a. Charles Darwin b. Carolus Linnaeus c. Gregor Mendel d. Jean-Baptiste Lamarck...
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