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MEGR 2180 HOMEWORK 2 NAME Due 9/16/09 Fall 2009 1. For an aluminum-copper alloy that is 10% copper by weight at 600° C, a. What is the weight fraction of the solid? b. What is the composition of the solid? c. What is the weight fraction of the liquid? d. What is the composition of the liquid? 2. Describe the Jominy test. What does it measure? 3. Explain the difference between Austenite and Ferrite 4. Explain the difference between a eutectic point and a eutectoid point.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. What is a TTT diagram? 6. What is cementite? 7. What is pearlite? 8. What are the melting temperatures of pure tin, pure lead, and the eutectic lead-tin alloy? 9. Does a copper-nickel alloy exhibit a eutectic point? 10. What is annealing? "Can anything be sadder than work left unfinished? Yes; work never begun. " – Christina Rossetti, 1830-1894...
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