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MEGR 2180 HOMEWORK 4 NAME Due 10//7/09 Fall 2009 1. What is alumina? 2. What are typical characteristics of ceramics? 3. What is Zerodur? 4. Name a commercial product which is ceramic. 5. What are the alloying elements is bronze? Name a commercial application for bronze. 6. What are CFRP’s? Name a commercial use. 7. What is the difference between a thermoset and a thermoplastic? 8. What is meant by “copolymer”? 9. Is nylon a thermoset or a thermoplastic? 10. What does ABS mean? Name a commercial application 11. In what broad class of materials does fiberglass fall? 12. Name three classes of ceramics.
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Unformatted text preview: 13. Sketch the difference between linear, branched, and cross-linked polymers. 14. Sketch the mer for PVC. 15. Sketch the mer for polyethylene. 16. Name 2 classes of materials that can comprise the matrix for composites. 17. What material would carry the designation 6Al4V, and what does that mean? 18. What is Invar? Name a commercial product that uses Invar. 19. What is Hastelloy? 20. What is Waspaloy? "The heights by great men reached and kept Were not attained by sudden flight, But they, while their companions slept, Were toiling upward in the night."- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882)...
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