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Homework 5 1. Problem 22.5a-d. See Example 22.9 for an explanation of the experiment. The re- sponse is tr1 . One way to obtain a satisfactory format for the data set is to use PROC MEANS in SAS (your new response will be tr1mean ): proc sort data=wheat; by ploidy species accession; proc means data=wheat noprint; by ploidy species accession; var tr1; output out=b mean=tr1mean;
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Unformatted text preview: proc print data=b; run; 2. Problem 23.2a. 3. Verify the following formula for Expected Mean Squares for the Whole Plot Factor using Yandells formulation for the Split Plot Experiment (see the second equation and following assumptions on p. 361). E ( MSA ) = 2 + b 2 P + bn i 2 i a-1 1...
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