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midterm.02 - Midterm 1 Three dierent methods for measuring...

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Midterm 1. Three different methods for measuring fuel injector flow are tested on three calibrated master injectors by nine different operators (see table below). Operator Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 A=4.93 B=4.77 C=4.78 A=4.97 B=4.90 C=5.39 A=4.93 B=4.86 C=4.58 2 B=4.88 C=5.52 A=4.59 C=4.96 A=4.67 B=5.11 B=4.65 C=5.49 A=4.77 3 C=4.93 A=4.47 B=4.77 B=5.28 C=5.29 A=5.26 C=5.16 A=4.58 B=4.98 (a) Test a main effects model. (b) Operators 1-3 work Shift 1, operators 4-6 work Shift 2, and operators 7-9 work Shift 3. Test for a Shift effect. (c) Include a Part by Method interaction in the main effects model. Is it significant? Does it affect the significance of Method? (d) Assume that the parts are tested in the order presented. Is the design balanced for Residual Effects? Is Residual Effect significant? (Use the main effects model) 2. Biscuits are baked with 5 different levels of baking powder and relative rise is recorded
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