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1 m w +1.2 t 1 w t 2 t 3 09-10-2009 171.101, General Physics for Physical Science Majors I Aside on Quantum Physics at Beginning of Class (Not on Exam): Remember how P. Henry showed that the light from the project could not go through two screens but when he held the last circular screen just right, it went through? This is because the “photons decided” whether or not to spin properly through one, but none could get through two because no photon was oriented properly to go through two sheets. However, since P. Henry had the circular screen oriented in a certain way between the two sheets, the half of the photons that had “decided” to go through the first sheet could decide to go through the circular sheet, and ½ of those photons could go through the last sheet. Therefore, 1/8 of the photons went through the three sheets. Back to Chapter 2 : Last class: Average velocity: v ave = x/ t ∆ ∆ Now: Instantaneous Velocity : v = lim( x/ t) = dx/dt ∆ ∆ t 0 ∆ → Find the derivative of a displacement/time function. This gets your instantaneous velocity as a function of time. Acceleration : The change in velocity over time (this is a vector, so it has both magnitude and direction) a = dv/dt = d 2 x/dt 2 How to detect acceleration: “Inertia”…You can “sense it” When in a moving vehicle that suddenly stops, one gets flung forward. When one suddenly increases the velocity of the vehicle, one is pushed back against their seat. Note: There IS acceleration in Uniform Circular Motion. This is why one must hold on
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PhysI_09102009 - t t ww t 1.2 m 1 32 1 171.101 General...

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