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Birth of civil rights movement International context (summary) Created an international forum to expose denial of human rights for black people Generated international allies, esp among newly independent nations and soviet bloc countries Exposed U.S. hypocrisy—as the nation claimed to be exemplar of democracy while segregation and denial of human rights took place Groundwork: Early movements Southern negro youth congress ( 1937-1948) o Launched voter registration campaign o Investigated police brutality cases and violations of human rights o Fought segregation on public transit o Proposed political party based on non violence and non cooperation Regional council of Negro leadership (Mississippi) 1951 United Defense League (Baton Rouge) 1953
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Unformatted text preview: Barbara Johns • Led walkout at Robert Russa Moton High School, Farmville, VA, 1951 Civil Rights North • Bronx-wide committee for integrated housing • City-wise citizens’ committee on Harlem • Leadership conference on civil rights • Congress on racial equality and NAACP • Civil rights congress • National Negro Labor Council • Sojourners for truth and justice Precedents for Brown v. Board of Education • Murray v. Maryland (1936) desegregating University of Maryland law school • Lloyd Gaines v. U of Missouri Law school (1938) • McLaurin v. Oklahoma (1950)—Oklahoma law school • Sweat v. Painter (1949)—Texas law school • Spending on black schools increased by 800%...
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