Sept11 - (1884 –advanced interracial united action end to...

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Uplift or Exodus for revolt Violence: disenfranchisement and segregation are largely response to the challenge of interractcial working-class politics Greenback Labor Party Readjuster Party –public education, suffrage, cancellation of civil war debt Knights of Labor—8 hr work day, Abolition of child labor and convict lease, equal pay for equal work, Establishment of cooperatives, graduated income tax Populism and Black movement T. Thomas Fortune: Black and White: Land Labor and Politics in the south
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Unformatted text preview: (1884) –advanced interracial united action, end to land monopoly, redistribution of wealth • National Colored Farmers Alliance—cotton Pickers Strike of 1891 Black Women and Anti-lynching movement • 5000 lynching in one day • Justification for lynching rested on three assumptions—black men were naturally rapists, Black women were naturally promiscuous, white women were property to be protected • Southern white men to demand their women total subordination Race riots from 1878 to 1902...
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