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sept20 - of the motherland turned to African Americans and...

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Assignment: look up social justice movements in Louisiana Why rallies now? Garveyism: Amy Jacques Garvey—contradiction to the belief that women’s role is to make babies Note to self: get the movie from library Symbolism: black cross, nurses… etc The transition of identity from the 20s to an army of people; black women desexualized fostering a nurturing identity, “paragons of purity” Symbolism of Africa as the motherland being raped by Europe The return of her children is the redemption Self defense was essential, expression of masculinity Goals: o instill race pride in his people o uplift and civilization by building economic strength through capitalism (“black Rockefellers”) o Gaining a sense of pride through hard work o Thrifty o Cleanliness o Education—ideas from the classical Greek. Deep respect for classical European tradition and philosophy Not confident in the abilities of the Africans in Africa to restore what’s depleted
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Unformatted text preview: of the motherland; turned to African Americans and African Caribbean • The regalia transformed and unified the identity of the marchers • The domesticated workers were the most committed and determined about the vision • A movement with inertia: in south Africa had its climax after the decline of Garvey • Religious ideals drawn from the West: ethiopianism centered on psalms 69 redemption. The Ethiopians were on the same levels as Egyptians or even greater at one point. • The idea that Adam and Eve were black and white was born out of leprosy • Cain: first leper • Connected to the modern Zionist movement, looking for the promise land • Class gap creating the working group and the ones that feel like they’re being exploited • In a flowering of culture, people were writing national athems...
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