ass03_due021008_sol - ISE310 Spring 2008 Session 06...

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Unformatted text preview: ISE310 Spring 2008 Session 06 02/05/08 Assignment 03 Due 02/10/08 Team assignment 1. Select a type of a completed product that is of interest to you and then using the material in Chapter 4, describe the type of distribution network you would use and why. Be as specific as you can in your choices. Do not choose products mentioned in the book.(2 points) The product we chose is a Cherokee-brand watch available at Target. The ideal customers are children under 16 years old (well, actually their parents). The watch is affordable to the general population. The type of distribution network we chose for this watch is retail storage with customer pickup . This is because customers expect a finished product, ready to be purchased and taken off the counter and inventory at anytime, on any given day. The service factors for this system include: A good response time can be achieved with this system since the products are replaceable and if customers do not see the product in the retail store, they can easily go to another store and purchase it. Therefore, in order to satisfy customer demand, this watch requires local storage (inventory) instead of a warehouse from where the product would have to be transported to the retail store....
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ass03_due021008_sol - ISE310 Spring 2008 Session 06...

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