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ISE310 Spring 2008 Session 15 03/08/08 Assignment 07 Examples and solution Due 03/30/08 1. Enjoy your break. This is an individual 2. Read Chapter 3 of Tompkins for understanding 3. Problem 3.12 (3 points) I visited a McDonalds in Hermosa Beach. The arrangement of aisles for the customers is the white space around the orange line with arrows. The customers walk in through the entrance (neon green box in bottom right corner) and can walk through the aisle towards the register. The area in front of the registers is the service line. The seating (booth area) is shown by the green boxes with red border. There are 3 booth areas. The aisles provide customers to access the service line, the booths, the bathroom, and the entrance and exit. The arrangement of the aisles for the workers is shown by the box in the upper left hand corner. This area consists of registers (blue), equipment (yellow), and aisles to access the registers and equipment (white). The flow of the customers is denoted by the orange line. This flow within the facility considering the entrance and exit is similar to “on the same side but at opposite ends” (option C, page 100). The flow of the workers is denoted by the pink line. This pathway gives the workers access to the both sides of the middle machine, the machines lying on the outer area, and the 2 registers. This general flow pattern is similar to the U-shaped pattern (option B on page 100). If the layout was different, the customers might have an easier or harder time accessing the seating area or the bathroom, and the workers might only be able to access one side of the machine, depending on how the machines were placed. Right now, the workers can only get to the customer area through the side doors on both sides of the registers. If there was a side door for the area behind the counter, the workers could access the two side booths and the bathroom more quickly. There is adequate space for the customers and workers to operate efficiently. Workers can use the equipment from both sides, rather than just one, allowing more mobility so workers don’t get in the way of one another. Customers have plenty of space to access the 3 booth areas. One improvement to the layout would be to remove one of the booths to allow room for a side door of the worker area. The workers would have easier access to the bathroom and the other two booth areas on the side. With easier access, the workers can maintain these areas more easily.
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ass07_due033008_solution_examples - ISE310 Spring 2008...

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