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ISE310 Spring 2008 Session 19 03/28/08 Assignment 08 Examples Due 04/06/08 Team Assignment – student examples 1. Read Chapter 5 of Tompkins for understanding (skim portions) 2. Skim Chapter 5A and B of Tompkins for familiarization and write a couple of paragraphs of what you think of check sheets in general and this chart (Appendix A) in particular. (1 points) The Check Sheet is used to revise in a more accurate and easy to track way the different areas of improvements during the handling of certain products. The areas that the check list covers are areas in where one can make improvements in order to make the process more agile and effective because it accounts for both broad and specific aspects of the handling. As its name refers, this chart consists on the approval of different management personal of the company and other factors (like financial and analytical studies), in where each will check if there is the need to correct the area that is specified. This way one can attend matters that are more urgent, and need immediate attention to fix. The area that this check list can cover is big in number, and this is given to the detailed areas in where the attention is directed. This can be broken down from broad maintenance area like the “lack of ventilation in the battery charging area” to very specific details like “no formal training for the MH equipment operators”. The Check Sheet is very useful because it can organize different points easily in one place for the analysis of the different groups. This way the problems can be directly fast, and in order of importance according to the numbers of checks it receives, and the role it plays in the handling system. There are four main divisions for the maintenance and equipment handling. First there are the material and utilization
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ass08_due040608_example - ISE310 Spring 2008 Session 19...

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