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ISE310 Spring 2008 Session 21 04/14/08 Assignment 09 Example Due 04/13/08 1. Read Chapter 6 of Tompkins for familiarization (skim portions) 2. Write a page on what you think will interest you or be useful to you from this chapter , also what seems to be the most difficult part (2 points) This Chapter involves different models and algorithms used for layout planning and it is a very interesting chapter that we are assigned. This chapter contains quite an amount of information regarding various algorithms and techniques, and absorbing all this information initially seems to be the most difficult part. . It is important to know all these different procedures because they all have advantages and disadvantages and will work well in certain instances. I also found it interesting the development of these algorithms. They have developed over the years and have come to a point where we rely on computers. Computer systems have improved greatly but we can still not rely solely on them. Human experience is an important factor in layout design and computers cannot simulate that. Computers provide a good tool to help simplify many of these procedures but engineers and humans will always be an important aspect when it comes to designs of factory layouts. On the other hand, one of the most interesting things that was talked about was the one regarding Volvo facilities. This part of the chapter features a lot of interesting concepts that describe how Volvo’s factory manufactures engines, along with the actual factory layout and design. What caught our attention were the
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ass09_due041308_example - ISE310 Spring 2008 Session 21...

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