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ISE310 Spring 2008 Session 24 04/25/08 Assignment 10 Solution Due 04/20/08 Individual assignment (2 points each) 1. Do a search on the web for facilities layout optimization programs and describe the content of some of them (1- 2 pages) This is one of your inputs – really nicely done: One of the programs I found is called VIP-PLANOPT 2006 made by Engineering Optimization Software. It is an all-purpose facility layout optimization program. The software was designed for use by engineers, industrial planners, facility designers and architects. The program functions as a facility layout optimization program and as a teaching tool. VIP-PLANOPT offers a way for the optimal design of a facility to be found, with the least amount of work. They guarantee a full refund if any other layout design program produces better, lower cost layout or even comes close to their set of recognized benchmark problems. They offer several tools that they claim increase speed and efficiency in creating and optimizing facilities layouts, such as guided data entry, minimum user interaction, optimum orientation, pick-up and drop off points, anchored modules, composite boundary shapes, composite cost function, module padding, comparative layouts, forbidden area modules, upper bounds on inter-departmental distances, and restrictions on negative flow. All of these tools are very useful in
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ass10_due042008_sol - ISE310 Spring 2008 Session 24...

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