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ISE310L Spring 2008 Project Grading The project grade for the second project will be divided into five categories: 1. Executive Summary (submit separately) 15% 2. Technical Accuracy and Completeness 25% 3. Creativity in Method and Solution 30% 4. Organization of report as a whole 15% 5. Peer evaluation (submit separately) 15% For each category, you will be graded on a 1 - 12 scale, where 12 represents exceptional work, 9 represents average work, 6 represents passable but below average work, and 3 represents a substantial deficiency. The project grade will be a weighted average of the grades for the separate elements. A single group grade will be assigned for elements 2 - 5. The executive summary grade will be assigned on an individual basis, and each person in the group should turn in his/her own executive summary . Team members should not collaborate at all on their executive summaries. These will be graded on the basis of writing quality, clarity and organization. The technical accuracy grade will depend on errors in analysis, and whether the
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ProjectInstructions2008_2 - ISE310L Spring 2008 Project...

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