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ISE310 Spring 2008 Session 25 04/21/08 Quiz 07 Name_______________________ Please do all your work on this paper. You are to choose the arrangement of 6 departments, all of equal size and located in two adjacent rows of 3. The adjacency (having a common border, not just touching vertices) score is to be maximized, given the values below. U V W X Y Z U x 3 2 5 2 7 V x 3 2 4 3 W x 3 4 4 X x 2 2 Y x 4 Z x Create an initial layout, calculate the adjacency score. And give an example on how you
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Unformatted text preview: would get a good solution without exploring all 720 arrangements two sentences will do. U is adjacent to V and X = 8 V is adjacent to W and Y = 6 W is adjacent to Z = 4 X is adjacent to Y = 2 Y is adjacent to Z = 4 Total =24 I would use a random pairwise exchange of individual departments, calculating the score each time and keeping the best. About 50 iterations should do it. U V X Y Z W...
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