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ass02_due020308_sol - ISE310 Spring 2007 1 Using one of the...

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ISE310 Spring 2007 03/08/07 Assignment 02 Answers 1. Using one of the search engines on the web (Google, AltaVista, Yahoo, MSN, etc.), find a reference to a company that supplies software for managing supply chains. (1 point) 2. Select one of the software packages offered by that company and write a page about what the software does. (In your own words) (2 points) Note: You can also contact the company if you wish – you do not have to rely solely on the web, but that is OK also. Here is the list of companies you selected last year (number of times selected in parentheses): barcontrol system Capterra.com EXEcontrol i2.com (9) IBS (ibsus.com) (4) Interactive logility.com (2) Made2manage Majure data Oracle Riverone.com SAP (5) sentai software (3) supply chain guru.com (4) tecsys.com From two years ago: Company Frequency ABBAsoft 1 Agile Network 1 Aspen Tech 1 Digital Information Systems 1 Foxfire Technologies 1 i2 6 IBS 4 Invistics 2 Jada 1 Lamar 1 Logility 2 Made2Manage 1 Mapics 1 Mitrix 1 Oracle 3 Preactor 5 Provia 2 Ross Systems
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