Assignment01 - SIT202 Computer Networks ASSIGNMENT 1 This...

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SIT202 Computer Networks A SSIGNMENT 1 This assignment is worth 10% of your final unit grade. Due on 5, August, 2009 (9.00 am) Total: 45 points This assignment is designed to test, your basic understanding of computer networks through problem solving and simple protocol development. IMPORTANT: Assignment Rules and Submission Policy This assignment is an individual assignment. Collaborative work is encouraged but copying/plagiarism is not permitted and is penalised according to university and faculty guidelines. It should be completed in its entirety (i.e., all questions must be attempted.) The submission date for the assignment is Wednesday, 05.08.2009 (9.00 am). The assignment should be submitted with an assignment cover sheet through DSO. Assignments without a cover sheet will not be accepted or marked. Hard-copy and e-mail submissions are not acceptable and will not be marked. Note that students who do not submit by the due date will have their mark reduced. The faculty rule for this state: Work submitted late without documented approval of the Unit Chair will be penalised. Assignments that are submitted after the submission date will be subject to a mark penalty equal to 10% of the marks per day of the marks available for the piece of work, up to and including three days after the published due date. Assignments submitted more than three days after the published submission date will not be marked. ASSIGNMENT TASKS
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Assignment01 - SIT202 Computer Networks ASSIGNMENT 1 This...

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