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Assignment01 - EMP ENO ENAME TITLE E1 J Doe Elect Eng E2 M...

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SIT231 Advanced Database Assignment One Weight 10% Due Date: 9 am, Monday, 3 August 2009 1. Describe the technical problems that need to be resolved to realize the full potential of Distributed Database Systems? Describe the key points of each technical problem briefly. (8 marks) 2. Based on the autonomy of local systems, their distribution, and their heterogeneity, three typical architectural models can be identified for distributed DBMS. Describe the characteristics of each. (8 marks) 3. Given the EMP and ASG relations as follows:
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Unformatted text preview: EMP ENO ENAME TITLE E1 J. Doe Elect. Eng. E2 M. Smith Syst. Anal. E3 A. Lee Mech. Eng. E4 J. Miller Programmer E5 B. Casey Syst. Anal. E6 L. Chu Elect. Eng. E7 R. Davis Mech. Eng. E8 J. Jones Syst. Anal. ASG Formulate the query “Find the names of employees who are engineers” using SQL and relational algebra. (4 marks) ENO PNO RESP DUR E1 P1 Manager 12 E2 P1 Analyst 24 E2 P2 Analyst 6 E3 P3 Consultant 10 E3 P4 Engineer 48 E4 P2 Programmer 18 E5 P2 Manager 24 E6 P4 Manager 48 E7 P3 Engineer 36 E8 P3 Manager 40...
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