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Dear Ms. Robyn Kress, We proudly present to you the iPhone 3G interactive manual. This is the final product of the 4tastic group from the SIT162 class on Monday morning. Firstly, this project meets all your requirements. This multimedia manual has the step-by-step instructions of using mail, safari, you tube and maps functions in iPhone 3G. The images of iPhone 3G and the montages of each member in 4tastic group have been integrated in the introduction of the product. It also has the product logo in the header and the 4tastic group logo in the footer. This interactive media product base on the user-centered-design and has navigation with Adobe Director 11.5. Next, this project will success to the users. The audiences of this product are the young people from 18 to 30 years old. So, we use a bright green background and the contrast red buttons to make impression from the very first view. The fashion internet functions of the iPhone 3G have been
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Unformatted text preview: emphasized from the introduction because the internet is a part of this production's users. Music is always good to young people so this multimedia product has many beautiful songs. Otherwise, beside publishing this product in Adobe Director files, it is also published in Microsoft Windows executive files. It is easy to use and share to the audiences. In delivery, this multimedia manual can be distributed in CDROM, DVDROM, flash drives or internet. It is the easiest ways to delivery a multimedia product nowadays. According to testing stage, we tested this product by each young members of 4tastics group to get their ideas. Moreover, we gave this interactive media manual to the students and received their feedback to made the best final product. In summary, this iPhone 3G multimedia manual has met all the requirements and would has made the impression from it target audience. Yours sincerely, 4tastic...
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