Biology SI chp 3.1

Biology SI chp 3.1 - (2 If ice sank iv Universal solvent...

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Bio SI Chp 3 1) Water a) Polar molecule- b/c of its bent geometry, ultimately allowing it to H bond (hydrogen bond) b) # bonds capable of making- c) 4 emergent properties i) Cohesion- H bonding to other molecule of same type (1) Adhesion (a) Ex: (2) Surface tension measure how hard it is to break the surface of the water (a) Due to: ii) Moderation of temperature (1) Heat/temperature (a) Kenetic energy- NRG of motion (b) Heat (i) Moves from: hot cold (c) Temperature (d) Calorie (2) Specific heat- (a) Water’s specific heat is very high (i) Why? (3) Evaporative cooling (a) Evaporation (i) Heat of evaporation- amount of heat needed for 1 g of X liquid to become a gas iii) Expansion upon freezing (1) Density of water v ice (a) Why?- b/c forms all 4 bonds, spreading other H2O molecules out, taking up more volume
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Unformatted text preview: (2) If ice sank: iv) Universal solvent- water needed for most biochemical reactions (rxns) in living organisms (1) Why? (2) Dissolves soln’s: (3) Hydration shell- H2O molecules surrounding polar substance (4) Solution (5) Solvent (6) Solute- is dissolved d) Hydrophobic i) ii) Ex: fats e) Hydrophilic i) ii) Ex: sugar f) Concentration i) Molarity g) pH v pOH i) H2O dissoc rxn: ii) pH: (1) H2O: iii) pOH-(1) H2O: h) Acid v Bases i) Acid-(1) pH- 0-7 (2) pOH-(3) ex: battery acid, etc ii) base- (1) pH-(2) pOH- 0-7 (3) ex: (4) ways affect pH level (a) directly accepting H+ (i) Ex: (b) Indirectly accept H+ by dontating OH-(i) Ex: i) pH scale i) [H+] x [OH-] = 10^-14 ii) pH + pOH = iii) 1 pH unit= iv) pH = j) buffers- minimize change in pH (or ) i) ex:...
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Biology SI chp 3.1 - (2 If ice sank iv Universal solvent...

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