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Sociology Notes 09-15-09

Sociology Notes 09-15-09 - norms-it makes people the...

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Roles -expected behaviors that can be associated with a given status -4 consequences of Socialization(process by which people absorb their culture) -it establishes our self concepts (people tell us how we should behave in particular roles) -it creates the capacity for role taking (we learn how to do what we are supposed to do) -it creates the tendency for people to act in socially acceptable ways (following the
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Unformatted text preview: norms)-it makes people the bearers of culture -The Looking Glass Self (Cooley)-look at in the book (didn’t go over in class) ↓-Mead’s extention-focus on Roles- look at in the book (didn’t go over in class)-Relevance of Social Institutions Internalization-when norms and expectations of society become so engrained that we no longer even question them....
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