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Chapter2Problems - problems might be very repetitive The...

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Number Number Quiz Practice Challenge 1 key 1 key key++ key++ 2 key++ 2 key++ fair key++ 3 key 3 key key++ 4 key 4 key fair 5 fair 5 fair key++ 6 fair 6 fair fair 7 fair 7 fair key++ 8 fair 8 fair key++ 9 key++ 9 key fair 10 fair 11 key++ 12 fair 13 key++ 14 fair 15 key++ 16 key++ 17 fair Chapter 2 (9th edition) Chapter 2 (8th edition) 18 key 19 key++ 20 key++ Suggested Problems from Brealey, Myers and Allen The best way to learn finance is to do problems at the back of every chapter. You should start on Quiz #1 and work your way through all questions. If you find question #8 is very similar to #7 (and you are sure you got #7 correct) feel free to skip to #9. You should follow the Quiz questions with the Practice Questions and the Challenge Questions. WARNING #1 : Suppose a chapter has five important concepts. The Quiz questions might have two questions on each concept, for a total of ten questions. Thus, adjacent odd and even numbered
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Unformatted text preview: problems might be very repetitive. The Practice Questions might have four questions on each concept for a total of twenty questions. Again, there is much repetition. This is one reason I am hesitant to suggest problems – if I think #7 is a good problem, then I think #8 is a good problem. However, if a student understands #7 perfectly, there may be only a small value to doing #8. WARNING #2 : All problems are important. Students should not infer that concepts from a problem ranked "fair" will not be on an exam, while concepts from a problem ranked "key ++" will be. WARNING #3 : Again, going through the end of each chapter and doing AS MANY problems as possible is the best way to learn finance. This service is being provided on a trial basis for those who need extra guidance....
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