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Introductory Mechanics Problems Laboratory 1 The Waiter Goals: Calculate the center of mass of an individual object and a collection of objects. Understand the role of the center of mass for stability and equilibrium. PROBLEM We have all watched as a waiter carries an amazing numebr of items on a tray without dropping any. Perhaps, you’ve even had the chance to wait or bus tables as well. The act of balancing a number of different items on a large tray requires balance by the waiter, but also requires placement of items based on physics. Our waiter has two types of items: plates and glassware. The plates can be treated as uniform thin disks with a mass of 900 g and a 28 cm diameter. The glasses have a mass of 300 g and are cylinders with a radius of 4 cm and a height of 16 cm. The mass is not uniform in a glass. Two thirds of the mass is in the base which is 3 cm tall.
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2 The Waiter The waiter has a choice of two trays. One is a narrow rectangular tray that measures 21 cm by 88 cm and has a mass of 500 g. On the narrow tray, items are lined up in a row without overlapping. The other is a large circular tray with a diameter of 76 cm and mass of 1000 g. Items on this tray can be placed in any position if they don’t overhang the edge and don’t overlap. The waiter carries his tray supported on one hand that spans a diameter of 20 cm. What arrangements of plates and glasses can be balanced on a tray? PROBLEM SKILLS We are used to problems with variables to stand for quantities that may change during a the course of a problem. Problems that have a changing number of items with the same types of variables use a shorthand notation to represent a set of variables. In this short- hand the same variable name is given to all variables of a certain type. A subscript is
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Plab6 - Introductory Mechanics Problems Laboratory The...

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