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Introductory Mechanics Problems Laboratory 1 Tour de France Goals: Calculate the rotational variables for different rotating objects. Understand the way gears transfer power. PROBLEM The Tour de France is considered by many to be the greatest endurance test of an ath- lete. The Tour lasts for three weeks and covers over 3400 km. Each day is a different stretch of road as the Tour circles the entire country with only two days off for resting. Some days the race is on flat surfaces and other days require grueling climbs into the Alps. The importance of the race is such that Tyler Hamilton (picture below by B. Bade/ A.S.O.) competed with a fractured collarbone in 2003. One of the most challenging tests is the individual time trial. In 2003 the time trials decided the race. They are conducted without the benefit of teammates to help deflect the wind and reduce drag. The stage 12 time trial was a 47 km course through southern
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2 Tour de France France. The winner was Jan Ullrich with a time of 58 minutes, 32 seconds. Eventual Tour winner Lance Armstrong was second trailing by 1 minute 36 seconds. The bicycles used are engineering marvels. A typical bicycle frame is made of carbon fiber composite with lightweight alloy parts. The wheels are 622 mm in diameter and 30 mm wide. The tire adds an extra 23 mm all around the wheel.The front wheel weighs 770 g and the rear wheel weighs 930 g. The force of the rider is delivered to pedals at a radius of 170 mm from a dual gear crankset with 53 and 39 teeth. A chain connects to the rear wheel gear cassette with nine gears. The rear gears have 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16,
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Plab7 - Introductory Mechanics Problems Laboratory Tour de...

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