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PHYS 2306 : Practice Test 1 For the best result of the test, you need to understand completely the example problems in the lecture and the homework problems. This practice test serves as a complementary tool. Please note that the actual test will not necessary have the same questions as in this practice test. This practice test is to help you to study in preparation of the upcoming test. DO NOT assume that there will be the same questions in the real test. 1. Five organ pipes are described below. Which one has the highest frequency fundamental? A) A 2.3-m pipe with one end open and the other closed B) A 3.3-m pipe with one end open and the other closed C) A 1.6-m pipe with both ends open D) A 3.0-m pipe with both ends open E) a pipe in which the displacement nodes are 5-m apart 2. A 200-cm open organ with one end open pipe is in resonance with a sound wave of wavelength 270 cm. The pipe is operating in its: A) fundamental frequency D) third overtone B) first overtone E) fourth overtone C) second overtone 3. Organ pipe Y (open at both ends) is twice as long as organ pipe X (open at one end) as shown. The ratio of their fundamental frequencies f X: : f Y is: A) 1:1 B) 1:2 C) 2:1 D) 1:4 E) 4:1 4. A guitar string produces 4 beats/s when sounded with a 250 Hz tuning fork and 9 beats per second when sounded with a 255 Hz tuning fork. What is the vibrational frequency of the string? A) 240 Hz B) 246 Hz C) 254 Hz D) 259 Hz E) 263 Hz 5. The intensity of a spherical wave 4.0 m from the source is 120 W/m 2 . What is the intensity at a point 9.0 m away from the source? A) 11 W/m 2 B) 24 W/m 2 C) 53 W/m 2 D) 80 W/m 2 E) 270 W/m 2 6. A person was talking in a small room; and the sound intensity level is 60 dB everywhere within the room. Now, there are four people talking in similar manner simultaneously in the room, what is the sound intensity level? A) 60 dB B) 79 dB C) 74 dB D) 66 dB E) 69 dB Page 1
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7. Two identical tuning forks vibrate at 256 Hz. One of them is then loaded with a drop of wax, after which 6 beats per second are heard. The period of the loaded tuning fork is: A) 0.006 s B) 0.005 s C) 0.004 s D) 0.003 s E) none of these 8. Two golf carts have horns that emit sound with a frequency of 390 Hz. The golf carts
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PracitceTest1 - PHYS 2306 : Practice Test 1 For the best...

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