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PRACTICE EXAMINATION #1 DATABASE USE AND DESIGN – COIT12167 Page 1 of 8 Practice Exam prepared by Mike Gregory and Mike O’Malley of Central Queensland University PRACTICE EXAMINATION #1 Instructions to the Student Please write all of your answers on paper so that you get practice doing this before the real exam. Ensure that all of your answers are clearly labelled to indicate which question they belong to. Please Note: h This Practice Exam is slightly harder AND longer than a real exam. This is intentional because it eliminates the possibility of any "the practice exam was easier than the real exam" arguments. h The format of this exam is similar to but not precisely the same as the upcoming exam. Refer to the examination memo for precise details on the upcoming exam. h Treat this Practice Exam like a real exam – print it out, put a " do not disturb " sign on your door, turn off your phone , and give yourself a block of 3 hours to work through the exam. h Solutions to Practice Exams will NOT be made available to students. h Check your answers by comparing and discussing your answers with other students, for example, on the Course Mailing List, and/or (for SQL Queries) by actually building the required database and running your queries against this.
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PRACTICE EXAMINATION #1 DATABASE USE AND DESIGN – COIT12167 Page 2 of 8 SECTION A 20 MARKS Practical Application Question 1 – Structured Query Language (16 Marks) Formulate SQL queries to answer the following request. Use the relational tables tblClinic , tblDoctor , tblPatient , and tblTreatment provided below. You are asked to provide a general solution to each request. If the database contents change, each of your queries should continue to answer the information requested correctly. Your queries must generate the same result as shown for each request. If, for some reason, you think that the sample result is incorrect or query is not possible with given instructions then you should document this. If necessary, you may state any assumptions that may help the marker to clarify your understanding of the questions. tblClinic ClinicId ClinicName Address Telephone C001 HeartWest Clinic 111 Derrimut Road, Melbourne 03 96395555 C002 Surgery Point Clinic 121 Williamstown Road, Melbourne 03 96394422 C003 Westgate Medical Centre 150 Alma Avenue, Melbourne 03 98785151 C004 Collins St Medical Centre 352 Collins Street, Melbourne 03 86651253 C005 AAA Doctors 512 Swanston Street, Melbourne 03 86696963
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coit12167-Practice-Exam-v1.1 - PRACTICE EXAMINATION#1...

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