Chapter25 - 25 Useful techniques E xamples of...

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Useful techniques E xamples of object-oriented design given in preceding chapters have illustrated a number of distinctive techniques. Although we are not done yet with our review of methodological issues — we must still explore style rules, O-O analysis concepts, teaching methods, and the software process — it is time to pause briefly to recapitulate some of the principal O-O techniques that we have learned. This will be the tersest chapter of all: it just enumerates fruitful ideas, followed in a few cases by keywords meant to remind you of some of the examples in which we first encountered the ideas. 25.1 DESIGN PHILOSOPHY General development scheme Bottom-up development: build a solid basis, then apply it to specific cases. Seamlessness: apply consistent techniques and tools to analysis, design, implementation, maintenance. Reversibility: let the functional specification benefit from the lessons of implementation. Generalization: from specialized classes, derive reusable ones. Abstraction, factoring out commonalities. The structure of systems Systems are made of classes only. The development style is bottom-up. Whenever possible, start from what you have. Try to make classes as general as possible from the start. Try to make classes as autonomous as possible. Two inter-class relations: client (with “reference client” and “expanded client” variants); inheritance. Roughly correspond to “has” and “is”. Use multi-layer architectures to separate abstract interface from implementations for various platforms: Vision, WEL/PEL/MEL. Chapter
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Chapter25 - 25 Useful techniques E xamples of...

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