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C Principles, rules, precepts and definitions Providing constrained genericity 1187 Providing unconstrained genericity 1185 Absolute Negatives methodology principle 667 Absolute Positives methodology principle 667 Ada Exception rule 416 ADT specification of stacks 139 Advanced Curriculum principle 936 Advisory Rules methodology principle 668 Assertion Argument rule 997 Assertion Evaluation rule 402 Assertion Redeclaration rule (1) 573 Assertion Redeclaration rule (2) 578 Assertion Violation rule (1) 346 Assertion violation rule (2) 347 Business Card principle 990 Canonical Reduction rule 158 Catcall type rule 637 Choosing between client and inheritance 817 Class Consistency principle 730 Class Elicitation principle 725 Class Name rule 727 Class-ADT Consistency property 375 Classification of methodological rules 666 Command-Query Separation principle 751 Composite Feature Name rule 879 Consumer-to-producer strategy 943 Correctness rule for failure-inducing rescue clauses 429 Correctness rule for retry-inducing rescue clauses 429 Creation Inheritance rule 466 Default initialization values 233 Deferred class declaration rule 486 Deferred Class No-Instantiation rule 487 Definition: abstract side effect 757 Definition: ADT consistency 155 Definition: attachment 262 Definition: CAT (Changing Availability or Type) 638 Definition: Catcall 638 Definition: class correctness 370 Definition: class 142
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PRINCIPLES, RULES, PRECEPTS AND DEFINTIONS §C 1190 Definition: class 165 Definition: client, supplier 182 Definition: compatibility 8 Definition: concrete side effect 749
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