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Part F: Applying the method in various languages and environments
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Previous chapters have developed hand in hand the object-oriented method and the supporting notation. Part F will study how to realize the ideas, or emulate them, in some of the most popular languages and environments. There are three broad categories. Object-oriented languages such as Smalltalk support many of the fundamental concepts. Classical languages such as Fortran are not O-O at all, but people who must still use them (for various reasons, often not technical) may want to apply as many O-O ideas as feasible within the limitations of these older approaches.
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Unformatted text preview: Somewhere in-between, encapsulation languages such as Ada provide a first step to object orientation, essentially limited to modules based on abstract data types, but without classes or inheritance. Although the logical progression is from Classical to Encapsulation to O-O, it will be convenient to start with Encapsulation languages, focusing on Ada 83, as it provides a good reference to assess techniques applicable in classical languages, the category that will follow; we will end with a review of some of the principal O-O languages other than the notation of this book....
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ZZOTH05F - Somewhere in-between, encapsulation languages...

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