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Unformatted text preview: Insects in Film As in so many art forms, the insects we see in films are those that are: Very noticeable because of their size, sounds they make, behavior, biology (metamorphosis). Attributes associated with their behavior, e.g. industrious, fierce protective, industrious fierce, protective strong for their size size. Very useful for providing lessons on appropriate behavior. Humans fear even very small insects that sting or bite-bite-this makes them a natural topic for films in which they are larger than life. What could be worse than turning into an insect? Another great topic for science fiction! Insects in Film: Cartoons First films starring insects were animated: 6 legs animator--maybe presented challenges to the animator--maybe this is why insects seldom have all their appendages in cartoons. First famous success: Jiminy Cricket in Walt Disney’s Pinocchio (1940). Embodies all the liberties animators take with insects: No wings, Two arms, two legs, HumanHuman-like facial features (e.g. eyes with pupils, human like mouth and nose) Recent films take similar liberties, e.g. Antz, A Bugs life Antz, Insects in Film: Horror Films Why so many starring insects in adversarial roles? Most people do not care for insects and are simply glad they are small and somewhat controllable. Thus, they are naturals as “giants” in horror films--Insect Gigantism in film. films--Insect Usually revolved around a political issue Atomic weapons testing and atomic power: 1954: THEM: giant mutant ants produced by atomic testing in AZ desert 1957: Beginning of the end featuring giant radiation-induced radiationgrasshoppers threatening to destroy Chicago 1962: Mothra, giant moth sometimes co-starring with Godzilla Mothra, co- Misguided scientist films--Kafka’s Metamorphosis: “The Fly” films--Kafka’s Humans triumphing over the powers of nature: Naked Jungle. 1 ...
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