Lecture 3 - Chapter 22 - The Darwinian Revolution

Lecture 3 - Chapter 22 - The Darwinian Revolution - The...

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1 1 “Nothing in biology makes sense except In the light of evolution -Theodosius Dobzhansky, 1973 2 The Darwinian Revolution Modern view of the living world came into focus in November 1859, Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection . Argued from evidence that species were not created but had evolved from ancestral species through natural selection . The theory of evolution is one of the most pervasive and explanatory themes in modern biology. The idea that organisms can change from one generation to the next, that life changes as time progresses was contrary to many past teachings by masters. NORTH AMERICA SOUTH AMERICA AFRICA EUROPE AUSTRALIA PACIFIC OCEAN ATLANTIC OCEAN England Cape of Good Hope Cape Horn Tierra del Fuego Galápagos Islands Darwin in 1840 HMS Beagle in port Equator Tasmania New Zealand A n d e s About the voyage… The Challenger Expedition 4 Darwin’s Voyage on the Beagle Visited S. America (inc. Galapagos), Africa, Tazania and New Zealand 3 years 3 mo. on land, 18 mo at sea (1831-1836) Observed marine fossils high in the Andes, an earthquake that caused coastal uplift, scores of endemic species in the Galapagos Sent thousands of samples home for science and for profit Kept a detailed now-famous journal
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